Attorney Maksim Prigon, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Legal advice in Russian law

The Attorney provides juridical assistance to private persons and legal entities in the various spheres of Russian law, including constitutional, civil, corporate, administrative and other legal areas.

Applications, claims, petitions
Official requirements in Russia should be drafted according to stated requirements.
The Attorney may draft various forms of Russian official documents, provided all requirements are observed. Among these documents:
- applications to state and municipal bodies;
- claims to state bodies and organizations;
- other letters of legal nature.

The attorney may represent Your interests in bodies of state power, bodies of local self-government, public associations and other organizations, or in relations with private persons.

Civil and commercial law
The attorney will provide you with assistance on various juridical matters of the Russian civil law, intellectual property law, telecommunications law, trade law. Legal advice on Russian Labour law, Tax law, administrative law.

1. Investments:
The Attorney may provide juridical assistance on the maters of investments into Russian business. If You are anxious about Russian control bodies (Antimonopoly Service, etc.) the attorney will provide detailed info about Your possible relations with the control bodies in the specific situation.
If You want to establish own Russian company the attorney will draft constitutive documents, standard forms and other documents and file them for the registration.
Planning acquisition of shares in charter capital of a Russian Company You may now use the attorney's test service (free of charge!) and receive information about a specific Russian company from the Russian State Register of Companies. For details please refer to page Risks of business.

2. Management
Already engaged in a Russian company You may have some unclear matters concerning Russian law, for instance labour law regulating status of a foreign citizen as a General Director of the company. The attorney will clarify these matters for You.
There may be a need to draft Your version of a corporate decision and participate in e-mail discussion of the document. The attorney will advise You on the proposals of the participants from the legal point of view and with respect to Your interests.

3. Agreements
The attorney will help You to enter into a commercial agreement with a Russian company. You may need to negotiate on some provisions of the draft of the agreement. The attorney will clarify the proposals of Your partners, draft Your proposals and participate in the discussion of the amendments.
Besides You can verify actual information about Your Russian partner using official information about a Russian company from the State Register of Companies. Info and documents from the Register will help You to check powers of the person who signs agreement from the Russian company, get acquainted with the acting version of constitutive documents. For details please visit page Risks of business.

Defence in court: civil and arbitration cases

Representing the client in court

Juridical advice on the matters of arbitration (commercial disputes) and civil court procedures is provided by the attorney. According to the Russian procedural law the parties have the right to prosecute their cases in court in person or through their representatives. The personal participation in the case does not deprive the party of the right to have a representative. Representing the client’s interests in court is one of the forms of attorney’s professional activity provided for in law.

Juridical consultation on civil or arbitration procedure will help You to protect Your interests in the Russian civil or arbitration court. The attorney will professionally stand for Your rights, freedoms and lawful interests in court and ensure use all procedural rights provided.

You may address to the attorney on court matters as initiation of the procedure as on each part of court procedure.

The attorney will draft your statement of an action, ensure that formal requirements to this specific document and its enclosures are fulfilled. The Russian law provides that each party shall prove the facts to which it refers as to the ground for its claims and objections. The attorney will help You to collect and present Your proofs in the court.

The Russian procedural law gives the party to ask for measures for providing for the claim. The attorney will advice You on possible measures in your case.

If You are a defendant in court the court will preliminary ask You to present written objections to the plaintiff with regard to the claims. The attorney will draft these objections for You.

Appealing the court decision

The Russian law provides for several stages of appealing a court decision (appellation and supervision in civil procedure, and appellation, cassation, supervision in arbitration procedure).
All court decisions taken in the first instance (as well as decisions of the justices of peace) may be complained against by way of filing appeals by the parties. This procedure relates to court decisions not entered into force. The appeal may be filed within specific term (ten days for civil and one month for arbitration court) from the day of adoption of the decision by the court of the first instance (or the justice of peace) in the final form.
So-called “cassation” concerns appealing arbitration decisions which entered into legal force. The complaint may be filed within two months as of the day of entry of the decision of the arbitration court, provided the decision has been already appealed in appellation court.

The attorney will help You to draft the appeal according to the formal requirements stated in law. Participation of the attorney in appellation procedures will ensure full use of procedural rights for your good.

Both civil and arbitration procedures provide for revising court decisions in supervision order. The supervision appeal should be filed within stated term (six months for civil and three months for arbitration court) as from the day of entry into force of the last contested juridical act, provided the party has already used all other means of appeal. The attorney will give You juridical advice on appealing the Russian court decisions.

Details about legal advice in the sphere of telecommunications, Internet-services are presented in the page Telecommunications of the site.

You may contact the attorney by phone or e-mail. Contact info is in the page Contacts.