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Evaluate and prevent risks of business in Russia

Below You will find how to use the Federal Register of Russian companies to evaluate and prevent risks of business connected with legal status of Your business partner in Russia. Part of information from the Register is available online via internet (free access). Another part and documents from the Register may be requested from the Register (application in Russian and state due required). The attorney may help You to request documents from the Register. If You already have info from the Register - the attorney may advise on significance of the information.

Federal State Register of Russian legal entities
According to the Russian Federal Law information about Russian companies is officially registered in the state register (the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On the state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs” of August 8, 2001 N 129-FZ). The Register is managed by the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation.

Information (data and company’s documents) about state registration of a newly formed Russian company, its reorganization and liquidation is officially entered and kept in the Register. The Register contains various information and official documents, including originals of companies’ constituent documents (charters), amendments to them, data about charter capital, names of persons empowered to act in the name of a company, and other info. The complete list of information and documents kept in the Register is provided for in the Federal Law N 129-FZ. Much of the info is valuable to evaluate risks of business in Russia.

Everyone (a private person or a company) may receive information from the Register (in English letters the Register is usually called “EGRUL”) about any Russian company provided the official tariff is paid. Info and russian documents from the Register about Russian companies are provided either in the form of an extract from the Register, or a copy of the document kept in it. The extract and the copy are certified by the Federal Tax Service. You may receive info personally or address to various law firms offering services on receiving info from EGRUL.

How will the Register help to verify risks of business with a Russian company?
For instance, You have a scan of constitutive documents of a Russian company and proofs of the powers of the director of the company. Are these documents valid at present? What if the company just changed its director? Is the company still at the same address? Are there any other Russian companies at the same address? What is the value of the charter capital of the company?

To become valid for all persons, change of constitutive docs, change of director and change of address should be offically filed in the Register. The extract from the Register lets You know that the company:
- registered amendments to the constitutive documents, date of the registration;
- changed info in the Register (other than constitutive documents – may be a new director!), date of registration;
- changed its legal address, date of registration.

Besides this, the new version of the charter of a company may impose restrictions of the director’s powers depending on the price of the contract. To avoid such risks You may receive a copy of acting charter of the company from the Register, certified by the Federal Tax Service.

Online info from the Register?
Part of info from the Register is available for free through the Internet on the official site of the Russian Federal Tax Service Thus You may test risks in business with a Russian company without any payment. Info is provided in Russian. Input data should also be in Russian.

Each Russian company has unique parametres that enable to identify the company unambiguously. In Russia there may be companies with similar names but there are no two diffirent companies with the same registration number (OGRN) or same tax number(INN). More info about INN and OGRN is here.

To get info from the Register about a specific Russian company one of registration numbers of the company are mandatory - OGRN (exactly 12 digits!) or INN (exactly 10 digits!). On filling the form on the official site of the Russian Federal Tax Service, the electronic extract from the Register is composed (in Russian). The extract contains the company’s official name, legal address, registration, Major Registration Number (OGRN), Tax registration number (INN), info on state registration of amendments to constitutive documents, on changing other info in the Register concerning the company and other info.

Other useful internet services to check business risks in Russia
Russian Federal Tax Service provides with some free official internet services (in Russian):
- information about companies which just filed some documents for state registration (for amending constitutive documents, etc.);
- reports officially published in the special official periodical about companies’ decisions taken on liquidation, reorganization, decrease in the charter capital and on other matters according to the federal law;
- information published in the periodical about decisions taken by state registration bodies on forthcoming automatic exclusion of inactive companies from the Register;
- info about companies with disqualified persons in their management bodies;
- official addresses used by several companies as their legal address at their state registration.

Links to these services (in Russian) are at the bottom of the page of the Russian Federal Tax Service.

Need additional info?
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