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Russian telecommunications law

The full complex of legal assistance in the sphere of Russian telecommunications, is provided by the attorney. Russian telecommunications law combines norms of the Russian Civil Law and Russian Administrative Law. The attorney may assist You on various juridical maters concerning application of Russian normative acts in the sphere of communications, telecommunications, including rendering services of telephone communications, data transfer, telematic services, VoIP, data transfer. Juridicail advise is provided aslo on the Russian law connected with copyright and intellectual property used in today networks - software and multimedia trade via networks.

Licencing in Russian telecommunications
Telecommunications business in Russia is under state control in the Russian Federation. In most cases before starting network services (telephone networks, data transfer, VoIP, internet access, etc) a company should receive a special licence to act in a specific area of Russian telecommunications services - telephone service, cellular communications, telematic services, data transfer, etc.
Rendering telecom services the company should strictly observe terms of the licence and requirements stated in the Federal Law of July 7, 2003 N 126-FZ “On communications”, as well as other mandatory regulations on the specific services and requirements concerning telecommunications sphere.
The attorney will help You to be familiar with telecommunication business regulations in Russia. Thus You may observe legal requirements to a telecom operator in Russia and avoid disputes with state control bodies.

Telecomminications marketing
Russian law provides that conditions of telecommunications services for all customers should be equal. According to the Russian Federal law priviledges for specific customer may be given only in few prescribed cases. Thus, telecom services are rendered under a uniform agreement which a customer has to accept in whole.
Usually a telecom company provides several telecommunication services, for instance local telephone services, "telematic services" (internet access), data transfer. Each of the services is regulated by a special normative act ussed by the Russian Government. Thus a uniform agreement should meet with a set of different regulations and usually is rather big and complex.
Russian telecommunications regulations define some compulsory requirements for entering new and changing telecom services tariffs. In most cases the company should publish an official statement about new conditions of net services.
The attorney will provide You with legal advise on
- drafting a uniform agreement for all telecom services customers;
- new services, tariffs and tariff plans planned by the company;
- use of intellectual property rights (trade marks and other means of individualization, rights for computer programs etc.);
- current contractual matters of the company (rent, supply, inter-net interaction, license agreements etc.).

Relations with Russian telecom customers
As a rule Russian telecommunication companies try to settle a legal dispute with any unsatisfied customer without addressing to the court. Nevertheless, The Russian law provides for a special procedure concerning claims about telecommu nications services/ Before filing to the court a unsatisfied customer of communication services should address the operator with a written claim. The claim may be filed within six months from the day of bad service occured. The operator should reply to the claim in a fixed term (not more than two months), The attorney will advise on rights of Your customer with respect to a specific situation and evaluate legal risks for the company.

Intellectual property in Russian networks
Russian law provides for protection to intellectual property objects - photos, software, multimedia, TV-channels, electronic-books, etc. Russian telecommunication companies and content-providers often deal with transactions with copyright goods and other objects of intellectual property. At present internet and other networks propose music, video, television, software and other multimedia products. Usually telecom operators in Russia enter into agrements with content-providers - companies which gathered multimedia content and have legal rights to sale it.
The attorney will advise You on the necessary actions to observe the authors rights for specific goods and lower risks of copyright claims to the company.

Business with a Russian telecom company
If You decided to interact with a Russian telecommunication company, for instance, concerning sale of software and other intellectual property to Russian customers the agreement should cover legal relations arising in Russia. The attorney will advice You on Russian laws applied and provide with juridical consultation about peculiarities of the Russian Civil Law and Telecommunications law.
You may also evaluate risks of business in Russia and receive registration info about a Russian company/ For this please visit the page Risks of business and use the new attorney's interactive service (for free).

Your specific telecommunication matter
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